Child Find

Child Find: 970.328.3750

The Child Find program evaluates children in a variety of areas, including cognitive functioning, physical functioning, hearing and vision, speech and language, and social/emotional development. Evaluations are free. Once the Child Find evaluation team (including the parents) has gathered sufficient information to determine a child's eligibility for early intervention or preschool special education services, then an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP, birth to three years of age) or an Individual Education Plan (IEP, three to five years of age) is developed and services begin.

Children under the age of six may be referred at any time for an eligibility determination for early intervention (ages birth through three) or preschool special education services (ages three through five).

Early Intervention services for children ages birth to three are provided through Early Intervention Colorado.

Individualized preschool special education services for children, ages three to five, are provided by BOCES and local school districts. Professionals with training and expertise in special education services implement the Federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Part B. Early childhood services and resources are provided to support the educational needs of young children and families ages three to five (See Preschool Special Education Services).

For more information about the Eagle County Child Find Screening Process please call 970.328.3750.