Educator Quality

"Great educators are a foundational component to any great education system. Educator quality is achieved through stringent selectivity at the point of entry to the career, by treating educators like professionals with commensurate compensation, status, respect, career pathways and appropriate levels of professional autonomy." - Former Superintendent Dr. Jason Glass, “Unparalleled Altitude:  A Globally Inspired Vision for Eagle County Schools,” 2013

We meet you through recruiting efforts; support you as new teachers to Eagle County Schools; provide professional learning opportunities so that you can continue to grow as a learner and educator; and offer you opportunities to build your leadership capacity, deepen your content knowledge, and enrich your pedagogy.

We empower you to be your best so our students can be theirs.

Educator Quality Responsibilities:

  • Recruit an abundance of the highest quality educators
  • Create a local system to develop and promote quality educators
  • Remain incredibly selective about whom we allow to begin or to remain teaching in our schools
  • Competitively compensate, recognize, and provide supports for our new and existing educators
  • Evolve and expand teacher leadership options
  • Use our existing professional learning model to empower our educators
  • Support educators with opportunities to enrich their content knowledge and pedagogy
  • Entrust principals with the responsibility of building high-quality schools

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