Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan is research-based and has been developed with input from community stakeholders. Eagle County School District continues to make progress in developing implementing and evolving our strategic plan. Processes and practices have been established and budgeting has been prioritized against strategic goals.

This plan is a starting point from which we make continuous decisions in response to conditions. Just like teaching a lesson plan, this plan is not a static mandate. No amount of written direction can encompass the highly complicated process of education children. We rely on our staff and their creative, conceptual, and rational abilities, along with the direct application of their education, experience, and judgment to activate this plan. We trust teachers to motivate and reach each student.

For lasting improvement across our district, each school must identify its unique culture along with the necessary changes in practice to provide the most significant impact for their students, parents, and staff. With our diverse student population, it is essential to provide culturally inclusive, respectful, and supportive learning environments. By enhancing our cultural competence and connecting with the hearts of our students first, we believe their minds will be more open to engaging in the academic work necessary to graduate with global-ready skills. Part of this work includes implementing a consistent MTSS plan across all schools. Multi-tiered Systems of Support allow teachers, counselors, and administrators to quickly match a student with the support needed to stay on grade-level and succeed. With the assistance of MTSS and through the perspective of equity, we will focus on math instruction and improve math achievement for all students.

Our focus for the next three years are: equity, multi-tiered systems of support, and wellness. 


We teach the children of Eagle County to have creative and active minds, compassion for others, enthusiasm for lifelong learning, and the courage to act on their dreams.


Global-Ready Graduates


• Engaged Learners
• Inspired Professionals
• A Commitment to Equity
• A Sense of Adventure
• A Caring Community

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