Setting Up Email

Login format is username equals your employee number (e012345) and password is your eNumber password.

Setting up your email account
  1. Your e# is a lowercase e and your 6 digit employee ID (found on badge) Example: e012345
  2. Your initial password is your Hire Date (found in an email from HR. If there isn't one there, it's ECSnewhire)
  3. Login to with the above credentials
  4. Change your password (click the link to change password) and set your challenge questions
  5. Then access your email at
  6. Username:  e#
  7. Password: your new e# password
  8. Then you can access employee portal with your e# and new password.
ECS Gmail Instructions
  1. Employee Access to new email system (Gmail)
  2. Other Google 'How To' Documentation

Change Password
We require that you change this password at least every 180 days:
  1. Login to and clicking “change password”
  2. Instructions can be found here to change your password before it expires

Smartphone/Device Setup
Please note that by connecting your device to our email system, the Technology Department gains certain control of your devices while the account is present. This applies to any and all devices connecting to Eagle County Schools email, but only if you connect your district email account to it.

Here is the policy that we enforce:
  • Remote wipe: yes, self or admin initiated phone wipe, generally if lost or stolen, and you will be informed of the process.
  • Enforce password on device: yes, at least a simple four-digit PIN/Passcode*
  • Minimum password length: yes, four digits*
  • Maximum failed password attempts (before local wipe): no, not enforced
  • Require both numbers and letters: no, not enforced
  • Inactivity time in minutes (1 to 60 minutes): yes, max is 60 minutes

*Please choose your pin/passcode carefully as we cannot retrieve it for you, if you forget it, then you will have to restore back to your most recent backup. Any data not in that backup will be lost. Please be sure to back up your phone regularly.