Information for 8th grade and incoming new students

These are the materials that were presented during the virtual 8th grade showcase.  Students will have access to these in working with their current schools to register for the 2021-22 school year.  Hopefully this information is useful in preparing students and their families for the transition to high school.

Academic Planning
2021-22 Academic Planning Guide - the entire guide of academic information for courses offered at EVHS
Freshmen Course Registration Sheet - this is what will be filled out by students to submit their course requests
Freshmen Electives - a specific list of the classes that will be available to 9th graders
Accelerated 9th Grade Coursework - the most advanced 9th grade courses and their requirements for enrollment

8th Grade Showcase Slideshow - slide presentations that were used during the showcase night
Advanded/Honors Slideshow - information about course selections for the advanced 9th grade courses
8th Grade Showcase Video Link (English) -
8th Grade Showcase Video Link (Spanish) -

Tours of Building
Use this link to sign up for tours of the building in April and May.  Please review the available slots below and click on a button to sign up.   Please add the name of each of the people in your party on an individual slot so the next  person can see how many slots are left on each date and group.  There will be multiple families touring in the same group so please limit your group to three.  Each tour will start on time and will last approximately 30 - 45 minutes.

The various departments, teachers, coaches, sponsors, and administrators at EVHS made video introductions of themselves and the programs available here.  There are also links to materials and information for each program.
Course Selections - You can use these videos to help make the best choices for your class selections. There is contact information provided with each video so you can reach out and ask questions.
Athletics, Clubs, & Activities - What options do freshman have to get involved?  Hear from a few representatives of EVHS sponsored activities
Transition & Tips - How can I make the transition from middle school to high school easier?  Hear from the EVHS counselors on what to expect as you transition to HS.