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Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

Be Connected.  Be Informed.  Be Heard.  Be Empowered.

We are an independent parent/school collaborative group committed to working in an advisory capacity to make a positive difference in the education of students with special needs. Our vision is that all learners are respected and challenged with high expectations, their needs are met and student aspirations for success are fulfilled.

Contact us regarding how we can help you, as a parent of a student with special needs, and how you can help others.

¿Qué es SEAC?

Somos un grupo independiente que trabaja como enlace entre escuelas y padres de familia. Colaboramos como asesores para hacer una diferencia en la educación de los niños con necesidades especiales. Nuestra visión es que a todos los alumnos se les respeten y se les desafíen a alcanzar grandes logros, tratar sus necesidades y realizar sus aspiraciones de salir adelante.

Contáctenos para saber cómo podemos ayudarle y cómo usted puede ayudarle a otros padres de niños con necesidades especiales.


PEP Is Parents Encouraging Parents!

The Exceptional Student Services Unit (ESSU) at the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) plans conferences throughout the year that are family-centered and designed to offer support, information, and education to parents and professionals. We call them PEP Conferences!

PEP and its conferences promote partnerships that are essential in supporting and including children with disabilities and their families in schools and the community.

Are you a Colorado parent or guardian who has a child with a disability?

Are you a Colorado administrator, principal, teacher, medical or other service providers who are interested in the family-professional partnership?

We encourage and invite you to participate in a PEP Conference.

Three PEP Conferences are offered throughout the school year - one in the fall, one in winter, and one in the spring. The purpose of these conferences is to bring Colorado parents and professionals together to allow them an opportunity to share ideas, discuss concerns, celebrate success, and obtain information relating to parenting, educating and supporting a child with a disability.