Welcome Back to the 2021-2022 School Year!

You will find your student's route information by registering with Smart Tag.  To register you will need your student's ID #, no "S" just the #'s, their date of birth and the campus location.  Once registered--- Under the Student's Route Tab you will find the bus #, Stop assigned and the time.  Please check it often as times do change with new enrollment or bus stop changes.

Smart Tag bus passes are required to ride the bus.  All ECS students that wish to ride the bus will be required to produce a Smart Tag bus pass each time they ride their assigned school bus. Eligible riders will initially receive free a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card, much like a ski pass, that will be required for the student to board the bus. The assigned card will be good for the life of the student's ECS career. For the security of the student, photos will not appear on the face of the card. All individual student information will be stored on a password-protected system, that only the parent or guardian of the student assigned to the individual RFID card will be able to access. If your child has lost their pass please call 970-328-2744 for assistance or go to The cost for a replacement bus pass is $5.00, plus graduating student behavior reports up to the loss of riding privileges for the remainder of the school year. 
Once the $5.00 is received in our office we will print the new pass and get it to the bus driver usually within 2 days. can link siblings together or call them @ 855-604-6344 with any questions

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Bus passes are the property of Eagle County Schools and to be used for school district pusposes only.  PLEASE DO NOT PUNCTURE!  For the safety of all students bus passes are required to ride any school bus. Purposefully damaging the pass card by punching holes, chewing or defacing the card in any way will be considered an act that may cause a 3-day suspension from riding the bus and requires the purchase of a replacement pass.  All costs associated with replacing a pass are the sole responsibility of the student and parent or legal guardian.

Please explain to your child that drivers do not wait for running students. Most student accidents happen from slipping and falling while running. To discourage this unsafe practice, we don't wait for runners and instead ask that children arrive at their five minutes prior to the bus stop arrival time to catch the bus.


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